Salient Features

Zelenka Reporting Solutions brings Superfast Report Designing and Mapping for Industrial Applicaons. An Industrial Report Designing Tool which can be used to design and generate Batch Reports, Data Log Reports, Shi Reports, Alarm and Audit Reports along with Trend Reports. Reporting is essential and most important part of the Automation Projects and Zelenka replaces all the traditional Customized Development Methods to generate Reports. Zelenka comes with inbuilt Report Configurator which has multiple options of communication Engines configurations and Report Viewer configurations. Report Designing is done on a Canvas with very easy to use Tables with Drag & Drop and Tag Mapping. Minimising the Reports Development & Zero Programming are main objecves of the Applicaon. Zelenka Report Viewer is with Opons of Desktop and Web Applicaon.

  • Simple User Interface for Configuring Reports
  • No Code required for Designing Report
  • Inbuilt various connectivity Drivers
  • Schedular based Reporting option
  • Option to View Reports from Multiple Workstation
  • Option to Format Text, Numbers with Colors, Size Image Upload
  • Customized Layer Add On Possible
  • Create Your own Formulas
  • Auto Email Facility
  • Easy to Integrate with SCADA
  • E-Signature with 3 Level of Authorization
  • Allows Customized Queries
  • Single Report with multiple Data Source.
  • Single Report Template can be mapped to multiple Reactors having similar format. Reduces design time.
  • Tag Import and Mapping using excel to make it simpler for user.
  • Configure Manual Entry fields on Reporting Screen
  • Application Audit Report
  • Configurable Report Viewer
  • Customized Layer Add On Possible
Zelenka Report Types:
  • Batch Report
  • DataLog Report
  • Shift Reports
  • Trend Reports
  • Alarm Reports
  • Audit Reports
  • MKT Reports
Output Formats
  • PDF (Secure)
  • Excel
Report Viewer Options
  • Zelenka Desktop Viewer
  • Zelenka Web Viewer
Connectivity and Pre Integration:
  • SQL Server
  • HMI
  • Delta V
  • Plant Historian
  • OPC
  • Siemens WinCC
  • CSV
  • Rockwell Automation