Zelenka’s initial run was replacement of our Customized Solutions with the Product. We started implementing Zelenka Reporting Solutions at End Client Locations from 2021. Initial Response and Excitement has been very Good. System Integrators and specially their Engineers are admiring the Products and its capabilities. Our Aim and Vision is to take this Product and get integrated with 100+ System Integrators in India and Abroad in the coming 2 Years. Zelenka’s Business Potential is not only within India but in all Countries of the World where ever there is Industrial Reporting Requirements with System Integrators of any Brand of PLC. Engineers of System Integrators wants to have a Robust and No Code Solution which can lessen their Client Iterations for Reports. Typically, Reporting is the last 5% - 10% of the Entire Automation Project, Without proper Reports, specially with Regulated Industries like Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Process Automation, Water Industry etc. Project Signoff does not happen if Reports are not up to the expectations of End Client. In such scenarios, imagine that Engineers don’t have to depend on any Programmers for Changes in Reports but they can “Do It All” by themselves.

We are working in overdrive to make sure we reach to System Integrators across India and World to promote our Products. We will add more Products to this Basket after our Successful First Phase Run. We invite Investors who are interested in investing in Products which will fetch them Quality Association with DreamSoft and Zelenka and rich ROI. Please reach us with your details to be part of this growing and futuristic space, please write to Management @ DreamSoft on info@dreamsoftindia.com