Today’s world is all about integrating products and solutions developed by experienced and technology backed up companies and present the Complete Integrated Solution to End Client. Today is the era of Products and not Customized Solutions. Zelenka is just that, ready to Integrate with your SCADA and Good to Go for FAT !!

Zelenka Reporting Solution

Zelenka Reporting Solution brings Superfast Report Designing and Mapping for Industrial Applications. An Industrial Report Designing Tool which can be used to design and generate Batch Reports, Data Log Reports, Shift Reports, Alarm and Audit Reports along with Trend Reports. Reporting is essential and most important part of the Automation Projects and Zelenka replaces all the traditional Customized Development Methods to generate Reports. Zelenka comes with inbuilt Report Configurator which has multiple options of Communication Engines Configurations and Report Viewer Configurations. Report Designing is done on a Canvas with very easy to use Tables with Drag & Drop and Tag Mapping. Minimising the Reports Development time & Zero Programming are main objectives of the Application. Zelenka Report Viewer is with Options of Desktop and Web Application.

Zelenka Windows User Management Application

User Management in SCADA is a Complex Activity. Users of SCADA will need to have Windows Access to Manage Users. Generally on SCADA PC, Windows is not accessible. What to do in that situation? Zelenka’s Windows User Management Application is a Standalone Application through which User Management can be done without accessing Windows Environment. When ever User gets Created or Edited or Deleted or Permissions of User are Modified, Application accesses Windows Registry and also keeps Audit Trail of the Changes. This Application helps in keeping Audit Log of the Changes.

Zelenka Industrial Alarm Management by SMS and Email

Zelenka Industrial Alarm Management by SMS and Email helps Industry Users to get Alerts of Critical and Non Critical Alarms on their Mobile Phones via SMS and Email. Application is settable to even Escalate the Alarm up to 2 Levels of Groups. Admin can set Customized Alarm Text in the Application. This Application works with MS SQL, OPC UA, OPC DA and OPC AE to trap Alarms. Complete Alarm Log along with pending Log is stored. SMS can be sent using GSM Modem or Web Based SMS System. Background Service will continuously monitor the Tags and update Tag Values. SMS Schedule Configuration is also available where Tags will be Grouped for sending SMS. Various Reports are available in Application. This Application is useful in Pharma & Biotech, Process Automation, Water and Waste Water Management, Oil & Gas, Factory Automation, EMS and BMS etc. Industries.