Zelenka Solutions has Software Applications which are suitable for Industrial Automation Sector in India & across the Globe. Zelanka is Indigenously developed Products with Software Development Experience of more than 20 Years. Zelenka Products were inspired after working on Challenges faced by Clients from last 12 years. The experience and exposure of many years of Customized Development was converted to give Easy to Use, Simple User Interface, Robust and No Code Solutions in terms of Products to Industrial Clients via System Integrators..... Read More

Features of Zelenka Reporting Solution

Simple User Interface

System Engineers can easily design and map Industrial Reports as per Client’s Requirements. Everything is based out of Report Canvas, Pre Defined Sections and Drag & Drop Controls.

Low Code No Code (LCNC)

Low-code and no-code modular assist professional developer swiftly to make reports by relieving them of the need to write code line by line. It also enables business entrepreneurs, company administrators, small-business owners and others who are not software developers to make reports.

Scheduler Module

With this, Reports can be either Saved at a particular Location or can be Auto Emailed to users on Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc. Frequencies.


Up to 3 Levels of E Signatures are given for Regulatory Industries. E Signature Users can be from SCADA and Users Details with Remarks will be printed on Reports as part of E Signature.


Everything is configurable and in the hands of users. Using Options and Settings given, Reporting Configurations can be done in Report Configurator.

Various Industrial Reports

Batch Reports, Data Log Reports, Shift Reports, Alarm Reports, Audit Reports, MKT Reports and Trend Reports can be designed and mapped with backend using this Reporting Tool.